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Precautions for Asthma patients in the time of COVID 19
by: Dr. Gurmeet Singh Chabbra
Director Pulmonology

Bronchial Asthma is a chronic lung disease caused by inflammation of airways leading to its swelling and narrowing. It affects people of all ages. Worldwide around 300 million people have asthma. It is not curable but can be kept under control with regular use of medications, including inhalation therapy. Symptoms vary in severity and frequency and include breathlessness, cough, wheeze, and chest tightness. The triggers of Bronchial asthma include house dust mites, pollen, fungal spores, air pollution, exposure to pets, cold air, exercise, strong odors like paint or perfumes, stress, medicines like pain killers, and Beta-Blockers, etc.  Sudden worsening of symptoms leads to an Asthma attack. The patient should take his advised inhaled medications or short course of oral steroids as per the advice of the doctor. If not relieved, one should immediately contact the treating doctor or nearby medical facility. The threat of coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic to those suffering from asthma appears significant. The stress among asthmatics of getting infected with COVID 19 is also adding to their symptoms. Asthmatics are fearing that their controller inhaled or oral steroid medication might make them prone to COVID 19 infection. On the contrary, they are advised not to stop their regular controller medications as this may worsen there asthma symptoms leading to an Asthma attack. During the current harvesting season, the level of pollens is high in the air. It is advisable that asthmatics allergic to pollens should stay at home, keep windows and doors closed so that their exposure to pollens is reduced. People with moderate to severe asthma may be at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID 19. In case an asthma patient develops cough, breathlessness, fever, sore throat, body ache, chest pain, he/she should immediately consult his doctor. One should practice social distancing, hand hygiene, cough hygiene, and stay home unless an emergency to reduce the risk of being exposed to COVID 19. At present, no specific proven treatment or vaccine to prevent/treat COVID 19 is available. Research and trials of the vaccine on humans are going on, and still, we have to wait for the results. At present, the only way to protect oneself from COVID 19 is its prevention.

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