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KIDNEY TRANSPLANT is better than Dialysis
by: Dr. Jitendra Kumar
Director Nephrology and Kidney Transplant Unit

In India, chronic kidney disease is the eighth leading cause of death where diabetes is the largest contributor. And with rising number of diabetics, this figure is likely to worsen.

According to study in 2015, about 1,36,000 Indian adults die prematurely due to renal failure, representing about 3% of all premature adult mortality. But with the innovation in the field of renal sciences, experts are optimistic that soon no one will die of kidney failure. Today, we have well defined renal replacement protocols in form of hemo and peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplant.

Though, government has come with various schemes of promoting dialysis but due to lack of trained manpower and nephrologists, there are instances when dialysis is able to sustain life but is unable to provide good health to the patient. To add to this problem is the man hour loss. If a working person tries to get dialysis done 2 to 3 times in a week it means that he/she would be losing upto 33 % of his working days which may not be acceptable to the employer.

At present patients are trying to get dialysis done with whatever savings they have made and because of the recurring cost, their pooled finances actually drain off and gradually the condition of the patient deteriorates because of the compromises with the dialysis schedule, medication and nutrition. In this given scenario, kidney transplant has emerged as the best option. In a study it was found that kidney transplant was more economical for the Indian patients. Average cost of dialysis is Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. And this cost is going to recur for entire life.And even 3 dialysis per week is able to replace only 10 to 15% of kidney function.

QRG hospital has tried to make kidney transplant highly accessible & affordable. Once the transplant is done, it will be able to provide maximum rehabilitation to the patient. There are instances when patients with kidney failure have resumed their normal day to day life. They are now able to earn their livelihood and bear the cost of the treatment.


Director - Nephrology and Kidney Transplant

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