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Are you losing your hair?
by: Dr. Anil Kv minz
Sr. Consultant- Dermatology

Hair are an important aspect of our appearance. Having a full lusturous scalp hair reflects a healthy individual and add to our self-confidence.

Hair loss and scalp problems are quite common. Generally we try home remedies first before we seek professional help. However these home remedies are usually counterproductive and can prolong or even worsen the problem.

Usual myths about hair loss

1. Washing hair with shampoo will damage the hair

Frequent shampoo of scalp is essential for hair & scalp health. However it will cause hair to become dry. So, we should use adequate amount of conditioner after shampooing hair.

2. Hair Oiling

Excessive amount hair oil may clog your pores and cause boils on scalp and worsen acne on face. Hair oil is essentially a conditioner, so we need it more on the lower two third of hair shaft.

3. Once hair are gone they cannot grow back

Majority of hair loss problems are caused by diseases which do not cause destruction of hair roots. Hence hair can be grown back with right treatment. In certain cases, patient may have to undergo biopsy to assess the condition of hair roots, though in majority of cases it is not required.

There are many new medicines which are available for hair loss and are quite effective. Certain medical conditions can also affect our hair, namely hypothyroidism and anemia. So, if one is not getting adequate response with treatment, we may have to run certain tests to rule out the medical conditions.