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ENT Diseases During Rainy Season
by: Dr. Anil Thukral
Director and HOD Department of ENT Head and Neck Surgery

We all wait for “Moonsoon” to get relief from peak heat of summer months in North India. Rains bring smile on our faces , as they make the weather pleasant but the rainy season brings along a number of air borne & water borne diseases. Along with flaring up of general diseases like malaria, dengue, Jaundice, typhoid, cholera etc, people face increased problems in throat nose & ears. Due to increased humidity in the air & problem of water logging & poor sanitation, people are prone to bacterial & fungal infections.

External ear canal skin is lines by squamous cell epithelium and is susceptible to infections. Some people have a habit of itching their ears by putting cotton buds, sticks or keys etc. During rainy days, as fungus is there in the environment, so there is always a chance that while itching in the ear, you may harvest the fungus in the ear and then it starts growing in your ear canal. This causes the ear to itch vigorously for a day or two followed by complaints of severe earache, blockage of the ear, which needs urgent attention by ENT specialist. Fungal infection of the ear if not treated in time may cause ear drum hole & further problems. To avoid this it is very important to avoid itching in the ear & take proper precautions & early treatment.

Also for the people who are having a chronic perforation or hole in their ear drums which is otherwise dry throughout the ear, the rainy season’s moisture makes the ear prone to infection, due to which pus discharge starts usually followed by pain & fever etc. To prevent it one should avoid entry of water in the affected ear. And if at all still there is discharge from the ear then it needs to be taken care by ENT specialist. Chronic ear drum hole often needs surgical treatment to close the perforation to avoid recurrent infection & further spread of the disease to inner ear etc.

Also it is important to take care of personal hygiene during monsoon time, children are  particularly prone to catch infections in form of sore – throat, bad - cold, tonsillitis & fever etc. To prevent the illness during monsoon, note the following tips-

  • Don’t allow the children to play in stagnant water 
  • Avoid taking junk foods and too chilled water or cold drinks.
  • Eat only home made & healthy food & fruits to boost the immunity

Still if there is some infection, don’t delay and consult your ENT specialist.