Ovarian cyst treatment
by: Shyam wati kumari

Consultant : Dr. Nisha Kapoor

I must say Dr Nisha Kapoor is the best gynecologist in this city. I am 42 years old and I have taken treatment from Dr Nisha &
she has operated & removed my cysts in the ovaries. I have fine now & the medicines she gave to me are also helping me to improve.

Easy Root Canal
by: Urmila Mathur

I had a decay in my tooth from last 1 year which I did not knew. It started getting worse with tooth ache and I was adviced a root canal for the same. I thank Dr Swati & Dr Vrinda for a quick, easy and effective root canal with the help of high end technology use. I feel much better and now can eat anything I want. Thanks.

Great Physiotherapy Care
by: Priya Gupta

Dr. Mamta is one of the nicest and most friendly physiotherapists that I have come across. She is thorough in her subject and would make the session fun. I would certainly recommend her to my friends.

Spine fixation of Iraqi Patien
by: Mr Mokhles from Iraq

I had severe pain in my spine from many years and it was troubling me a lot. I consulted in Iraq Hospital and they later asked me to consult help from Indian Hospital. I came to QRG Health City in India for my spine treatment where I met Dr Vikram Dua, Dr Sachin Gupta and Dr Ravi Shankar. They adviced me for lumbar fixation surgery. They surgery went very well & I was surprised that I could walk like before and with no pain. Thanks to QRG Health City, Faridabad, India.

Mrs Vijya Laxmi walks again
by: Mrs Vijya Laxmi

I am 80 years old and I was not able to walk from last 2 years. I visited Dr Harish Ghoota & Dr.Gautam Sipani along with Dr Kapil Chauhan (HOD - Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation) who adviced me for Total knee replacement surgery. I was helped by them a lot & in recovery also. I can walk easily and sit crossed leged now. Thank You doctor.

PFO Surgery for Knee
by: Mr Deepak Narula

My name is Deepak Narula & I underwent Proximal Fibular Osteotomy (PFO) Surgery of Knee which is a very innovative surgery of knee. I had a uneven bone growth for which I was adviced this unique surgery. It helped me with medial compartment osteoarthritis. The best part was I was discharged after 4 hours of the surgery with no visible stitches. It helped me in delaying Knee Replacement surgery by 5 to 10 years. I thank QRG Health City docors and team, Dr. Yuvraj Kumar & Dr. Rakesh Kumar for helping me.

Weight Loss Surgery of Tanu
by: Mrs Tanu

My name is Tanu, and I am 39 year old. I was weighing 185 Kg and was over weight. After weight loss surgery at QRG Health City I lost about 15 Kg in 3 days just after the surgery. The surgery will help me to improve many obesity-related conditions, such as diabetes, high BP and shortness of breath. I thank Dr. Prabal Roy and his team for helping me and making the surgery successful.

Bilateral Hip Replacement done
by: Patient from Uzbekistan

I was suffering from AIU when I was in Uzbekistan and then I had severe pain in my hip and backside of my body. I consulted with Dr Yuvraj Kumar who is Director of Orthopedics & Joint Replacement at QRG health City Faridabad in India. He guided me well and suggested me for a hip replacement. Dr Yuvraj and his team at QRG have done my operation and I underwent bilateral hip replacement and believe me I was walking on the second day of the surgery.

Dr Yuvraj is a wonderful doctor and has the high expertise team to heal his patients. I thank Dr Yuvraj and the whole team of QRG Health City that took really good care of me. I thank the international patients team who guided me at every point of time especially Mr. Nazim.

Thankful for my knee Treatment
by: Amit Aggarwal

Consultant: Dr. Harish Ghoota

I am very thankful that Dr Harish Ghoota has operated my knee. I feel relaxed & better after my treatment under Dr Ghoota at QRG Hospital.

My mothers Neuro Treatment
by: Rohit kaushish

Consultant : Dr. Sameer Gupta

My mother had neurological problems. She could not walk properly & was sometimes unable to concentrate on day today things.
I consulted her from Dr. Sameer Gupta in QRG Health City and in few days I was surprized to see improvements in my mother. Thank You Dr. Sameer Gupta.

Kidney Stone Removal
by: Rita Sangwan

Consultant : Dr. Alok Jha

I was admitted under Dr Alok Jha for my problem of stones in my kidney. He is a good doctor and have treated me well.
I thank him a lot as he also have a very good humor & greet patients very nicely.

Vaishnavis Heart hole Surgery
by: Vaishnavi

Four year old little Vaishnavi is now at ease of life. QRG Team of Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Neerav Bansal (Director, CTVS) & Dr Biju Sivam Pillai (Associate Director, CTVS), supported by competent team of Cardiac Anaesthetists performed PDA Surgery & repaired hole in her heart. 

Spine treatment of Mr Mokhles
by: Mr Mokhles from Iraq

Mr Mokhles from Iraq got his spine treated from QRG Health City Neuro & Spine Specialists Dr Vikram Dua (Director, Neuro and Spine). Hear his story after the successful spine treatment.

Mrs Vijya Sharma walks again
by: Mrs Vijya Sharma

Mrs Vijya Sharma walks again after 2 years with successful knee replacement surgery by Dr Harish Ghoota (Director, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement, QRG Health City), Dr.Gautam Sipani along with Dr Kapil Chauhan (HOD, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation).

Bariatric Surgery patient
by: Mrs Tanu

Mrs. Tanu, a 39 year old female who was weighing 185 Kg underwent Bariatric surgery at QRG Health City and had lost about 15 Kg in 3 days just after the surgery. Bariatric surgery has been shown to help improve many obesity related conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, shortness of breath and more.
Know Tanu's story and her journey of weight loss with QRG Medicare, Dr. Prabal Roy (Director, Minimally Access Surgery and Bariatric Surgery) and his team in her own words.

PFO surgery for Knee
by: Mr Deepak Narula

Proximal Fibular Osteotomy (PFO) Surgery of Knee is a very innovative surgery which helps patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis. The patient can be discharged after 4 hours of the surgery with no visible stitches. This surgery can delay Knee Replacement surgery by 5 to 10 years in well selected cases. Words Of Satisfaction from Mr. Deepak Narula, a young patient who underwent PFO surgery at QRG Health City by Dr. Yuvraj Kumar (Director, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement) and Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Sr. Consultant, Orthopedics and Joint Replacement).

Jyoti fights kidney disease
by: Mrs Jyoti Rao

Its is very important that a Kidney Patient should get a moral support of their family and friends. This boots the patients confidence to fight the disease even better. We salute Ms. Jyoti Rao who is a mother of three children and is having dialysis from past one and a half year. We also thank her husband and family for the immense support and being with her side when she needs the most.
She is taking treatment under Dr Jitendra Kumar (Director, Nephrology and Kidney Transplant)

Jashne Mohammad walks again
by: Jashne Mohammad

Jashne Mohammad from Iraq got his Spine treated at Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at QRG Health City. He walks again after 16 years after taking treatment from Dr Harish Ghoota and Dr Gautam Sipani. Hear his story after the successful treatment of an army man from Iraq.

Complex total Knee Replacement
by: Mrs Kuldeep Kaur

Mrs Kuldeep Kaur got her both knee replaced at QRG Health City, Faridabad from Dr Yuvraj Kumar (Director, Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement). She weighs 125 Kg and it was a complex Knee Replacement Surgery but not so much for our orthopaedicians

Carotid Artery Stenting
by: Mr Sheel Kapoor

Mr Sheel Kapoor from Faridabad got carotid artery stenting in neck by Neuro Surgeons Dr Vikram Dua and Dr Sachin Gupta at QRG Hospital, Faridabad. His wife is extremly happy to see him all fine and gives her feedback after the successful surgery.

CTEV Surgery of 7 Months Baby
by: Sambhar

Seven months old baby Samhaar is lucky that he got CTEV Surgery by Dr Rakesh Kumar at QRG Hospital and now could walk perfectly in near future. Hear what his mother has to say about the successful treatment.

Surgery after sports injury
by: Mr Zaid Omar from Afghanistan

Mr Zaid Omar from Afghanistan is a sportsman and after a sports injury at the practice his knee got injured. Doctors at QRG Health City suggested for knee surgery with advanced surgery techniques. He was afraid to go for surgery but going for it was the best thing that happened to him which allowed him to go back on the game. Hear what he has to say after the successful knee surgery by Dr Yuvraj Kumar and Dr Rakesh Kumar.

Complex Revision surgery
by: Mr Mahmood from Iraq

Mr Mahmood from Iraq was injured many times on the same knee and had to underwent a Complex Revision Knee Replacement Surgery at QRG Health City from Knee replacement specialists Dr Yuvraj Kumar and Dr Rakesh Kumar. He feels all fine now after the successful knee surgery and gives his feedback.

Bilateral Knee Replacement
by: Mr Raghunandan Prasad

Mr Raghunandan Prasad from Allahabad was having severe pain in his knees and he decided to see Dr Harish Ghoota (director Orthopedics and Joint Replacement) at QRG Health City, Faridabad. He shares his experience at QRG Health City and how excited he is to meet and play with his grand children.